About Us

 At Yarnitaly you will find:

  • Yarn made of natural, noble and luxury fibers

Vegetal fibers: cotton, linen, hemp, paper, banboo, lotus, banana...

Animal fibers: silk bourette, tsumugi, tussah and mulberry, angora wool, mohair, merino, lama, alpaca, cashmere and even bison, qiviut, guanaco and vicuna...

Dyed yarn

Raw yarn for dyeing

  • A full set of tailor-made services

Dyeing of the yarn to your colours

Twisting of the threads to the title you need

Yarns available on cone, in balls and hanks

Organic labelled yarns, Oekotex 100 certified, exotic composition, special colours sought for on demand

  • Our quality standard: Excellency

Our yarn solely comes from the best spinners and the most prestigious manufactures in the world (mainly Italian and Japanese).

  • Attractive prices

We offer both factory and stock yarn which allows us to make luxury affordable.